Selfmanagement with BodySense Bodyfieldcoaching

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Selfmanagement with Bodyfieldcoaching Clips

Simple Application…
  • improve your sense of self
  • increase energy flow
  • strengthen your immune system
  • support learning processes
  • heighten concentration
  • enhance productivity

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Improve your Selfmanagement

Use the Power of BodySense-Clips to support your emotional and physical well being, improve your selfmanagement competence and bring balance to your energy.

Aura Meridianheilung
  • improves your vibration condition
  • brings balance to your energy flow
  • promotes your self knowledge
  • supports any and all activities
  • acts regenerating and redeeming

Scientific background of BodySense-Clips

Effective application that requires no prior knowledge or training

BodySense-Clips uses the connection between our bodies, nature, movement, and special frequencies as researched by Jürgen Woldt. It follows certain patterns, which, compared to one another, are vastly different, yet function the same for every human being. Our bodies connect differently with images of mountains, and the forest, and differently with images of water and fire. Additionally every element, combined with a specific movement you observe, delivers different information to your brain.

The resulting information brokerage generates a regulation (called dynamic oscillating interactive transformation, or for short: do it)
of neurobiological coherence, strenghtening self-efficacy and self-knowledge, improving well-being and most importantly: Happiness.

Researched frequencies and their effectiveness

BodySense-Clips contain researched frequencies which have a direct impact on your energy flow. With a melody for every element, they enhance observation.

These special frequencies enhance your emotional and regulatory abilities, strengthen your satisfaction, and support the endeavor of reconnecting with your lost self.

Erforschte Frequenzen und deren Wirksamkeit

Natur als entscheidender Faktor


Nature as the deciding factor

Gazing into nature has a positive impact on your intelligence, senses, physical and emotional well being, as well as private and public relationships. Even further, nature delivers a high density of information, enabling you to tap into a new well of perception.

The connection between Mind/Body/Nature leads to a reinforcement of mental and physical health. If we use technology in combination with nature, we can exceed the limits of our intelligence, creative thinking and productivity.

Wirkung durch einfaches Betrachten

Effect through simple observation

Through observation of BodySense-Clips your neurobiological system experiences an increase in effiency. BodySense-Clips is not a course or a school, full effect is achieved through simple observation.


Vorteile des Körperfeldcoaching mit BodySense-Clips


Advantages of BodySense-Clips

Our clips enable you to bring balance to your energy budget by improving your vibration condition. Simple observation lets you experience so called „Bodyfieldcoaching“. Our scientific research and studies have confirmed that specific movement patterns enable you to communicate directly with your energy flow and beyond that, control it, to cope with challenges.

The improved vibration condition makes it easier to achieve goals, or even set them. Additionally if combined with nature or colours the effect is greatly intensified. The corresponding frequency was researched and designed specifically with this in mind, enabling and enhancing communication with your energy flow..

Moreover BodySense-Clips bolster the de-stress process, benefitting creative processes and learning new things. Your refined vibration condition facilitates your ability to govern daily challenges.

Do It® everywhere

Accessible via PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone
Use BodySense-Clips at work, while travelling or in the comfort or your own home. Via smartphone or PC everywhere, anytime.



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